Side dish and serving ideas for tuna tartare

Tuna Tartare

Tuna Tartare

Tuna tartare makes a refreshing lunch or an eyecatching appetizer to serve guests. The idea of preparing and serving raw fish may be daunting but don’t let it deter you from making this simple but delicious dish. Because it is a raw fish preparation you must get sushi-grade tuna.
Once you have your sushi-grade tuna it is an easy dish to make and customize to your tastes. For the tuna, you will want to remove the bloodline and dice it into small cubes. Then you will want to mix your flavorings. Go for ginger, soy, and sesame adding some heat with wasabi for an Asian flare. Or take a Latin route with some lime juice, cilantro, and minced serrano. Mix your favorite acid, salt, and heat flavors to create your version.
For serving include lots of crispy items like crackers or a high-quality potato chip for something fun. Tuna tartare and avocado are a match made in heaven. Try serving the tartare in an avocado half topped with sesame seeds, chives, and diced cucumber. Wonton or filo cups are a great choice if serving as an appetizer.

Serve tuna tartare with…

Something with Veggies

celery sticks
green beans

Something Extra

crispy fries shallots

Something Crunchy

wonton chips
mini wonton cups
filo cups
rice crackers
sesame seeds
potato chips
kale chips
pear or apple chips

Just Salads

jicama slaw
cold soba noodle salad
cucumber & avocado salad
lima bean salad

Something Saucy

wasabi ailoi
avocado aioli
chili sauce
ginger sauce
lemon aioli

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