Serving and side dish ideas for lobster



Lobster for dinner likely conjures an idea of an extravagant meal, like for a celebration or special event. This was not always the case and it was wasn’t until the 1950s that lobster started to become the delicacy we know it today. When European settlers arrived in North America they considered it to be a poor man’s food. In fact, baked beans were more valuable than lobsters at one time. Of course, today that no longer holds true and lobster is one of the priciest dishes in restaurants.

Making lobster at home can be daunting, and many may find it squeamish as well. There is a fair amount of debate about whether lobsters feel pain and the best way to humanely kill them. has a breadth of information about lobsters and an article: How to Kill a Lobster Without Feeling Bad About It. What to eat with lobster? The most obvious answer might be to go for a surf and turf style dinner and serve steak and lobster. To keep the lobster the star serve a simple baked potato and some grilled asparagus or prosciutto-wrapped green beans. Or cheddar biscuits and a crisp garden salad for an easy meal. For a fresh take, try elotes (Mexican style corn) with a tomato and avocado salad or your favorite slaw.

Serve lobster with…

Something with Veggies

grilled asparagus
glazed carrots
steamed green beans
corn on the cob
bacon wrapped asparagus
sautéed greens
roasted olives & fennel
elotes (Mexican style corn)
proscuitto wrapped green beans
sautéed sugar snap peas

Something More

corn chowder
clam chowder
steamed clams
crab cakes
sautéed shrimp
seared scallops
steamed mussels
shrimp cocktail

Something Starchy

baked potato
roasted fingerling potatoes
boiled new potatoes
cheddar & chive biscuits
roasted root vegetables
twice baked potatoes
baked beans
crusty bread
rice pilaf
dinner rolls
corn pudding
cucumber sandwiches
pesto pasta
mashed potatoes

Just Salads

green bean salad
tomato & cucumber salad
Caesar salad
broccoli slaw
garden salad
potato salad
fennel salad
Brussels sprout slaw
corn salad
three bean salad
tomato & avocado salad
warm potato salad
green papaya salad

Something Saucy

drawn butter
lemon butter sauce
garlic butter
shallot & tarragon butter
herb butter
wine sauce
beurre blanc

All suggestions on Serve This With That are suggestions only, we just want to help you have a great meal!