Crab side dish and serving ideas



Crab is often a dish that you think of heading out to a restaurant for instead of making at home. Maybe it is that a crab dinner is a luxurious feeling treat that going out for dinner should be. Or apprehension of picking out and cooking seafood well at home. Or that the clean up is handled by someone else (always a good reason). But making crab at home can be a lot cheaper, meaning more crab for your money, and is pretty easy too. Unless you are buying a live crab, the legs that you buy in the store are often precooked. Now all you need to do is warm it, make a couple of side dishes, warm some butter and maybe add a dessert and some wine.

Sweet, rich and silky is the best way to describe crab meat. Best cracked out of the shell and dipped in warmed butter, with the juice and butter often dripping down your hand. There are many ways to upgrade the butter by adding flavorings like lemon, garlic, and herbs. Or replace the butter with a flavored mayo, some hollandaise, green goddess dressing or cocktail sauce. Crab lends itself to a lot of different sides, go with something fresh and crisp like a light salad. For an even more extra meal serve a grilled steak and creamy mashed potatoes.

Serve crab with…

Something with Veggies

steamed green beans
roasted broccoli
corn on the cob
grilled zucchini
braised fennel
grilled asparagus
sautéed peas
sautéed greens
pickled radish
roasted asparagus
Brussels sprouts
stuffed portabello mushrooms

Something More

deviled eggs
clam chowder

Something Starchy

sweet potato fries
mashed potatoes
corn pudding
french fries
roasted potatoes
saffron rice
roasted fingerling potatoes
risotto cakes
cheddar biscuits
boiled potatoes with parsley
potato Dauphinoise
potato au gratin
crusty bread
sourdough bread
hush puppies
rice pilaf

Just Salads

garden salad
pasta salad
potato salad
warm potato salad
corn salad
caesar salad
cold sesame noodle salad
roasted beet salad
strawberry spinach salad
orange & fennel salad

Something Saucy

drawn butter
lemon butter
garlic butter
buttermilk dill dressing
cocktail sauce
green goddess dressing
chipotle mayo
beurre blanc
chow chow
dijon mayo
sriracha aioli

All suggestions on Serve This With That are suggestions only, we just want to help you have a great meal!